TBS Fire Recovery Information

Posted: Feb. 16, 7:45 pm – TBS Religious School

Dear Religious School Families,

The religious school building was undamaged by the fire, but the power supply to both buildings was disrupted.  As of now there is no power in either building and we are uncertain of the time-line for that repair.  For now, school is canceled on Tuesday and we will be assessing the upcoming school schedule during our meetings early in the week.  We will be sending out updates as soon as we have more information.

The lack of power has impacted our email server as well and the phones are not working.  We have crafted a work around for checking emails, but replies may not be immediate.  In anticipation of a few questions regarding things like Bar/Bat Mitzvah tutoring, Cantor Reinwald will be in touch with all families who have upcoming appointments.   With questions about upcoming events, please continue to visit the TBS website (www.tbsoc.com) for more information.

It has been a busy couple of days of activity with the fire department, insurance company representatives, restoration experts, etc.  Many thanks to all the staff and congregants who have been working hard to figure out the next steps during this trying time.  Just know we are doing everything we can to provide as many answers and as much clarity as possible in the coming days.

David Cohen
Director of Congregational Learning

Posted: Feb. 16, 11:00 am – TBS Preschool

Dear Preschool Parents,

I have just spoken to Lynn Matassarin, our Temple Beth Sholom president who shared with me the information gathered and progress made, thanks to the efforts of numerous Temple members, staff and contractors, relative to the fire that occurred yesterday morning in the Temple kitchen.

Lynn has advised me that the Fire Department and other authorities have stated that there are no safety hazards in the school building and it has been cleared for occupancy.  However, there is also no electricity in any of the buildings and the electrical engineer, clean-up crew and other teams are scheduled to continue work and investigations on Tuesday.  Unfortunately, school will be closed on Tuesday while this work continues.  Please know that everything is being done to resume school and restore power as soon as possible.  The staff and I will meet on Tuesday in efforts to work proactively on coming up with solutions to possible challenges that may occur.   I will know more on Tuesday afternoon and will communicate with you then.

With the electricity off we are currently unable to answer the phones.   While the server is being relocated I am able to access email through the web site however my response time will be much slower.

Thank you for your understanding and patience!  Please continue to check the TBS website for updates

Pam Ranta

Posted: Feb. 15, 6:45 pm

As I write this update, I again wish to express my thankfulness that no one was injured in the fire that occured in our kitchen this morning.  It has been a busy day of activity with the fire department, insurance company representatives, restoration experts, etc.  While we won’t know more information regarding the timeframe for re-access to our facility, we did, successfully, get the ball rolling, and we should know more early next week.

I’d like to thank our congregants for their offers of assistance and let you know that many of our “neighboring” congregations have also contacted me today to offer their support.  Tremendous thanks to Susie Amster for making all of the necessary calls and meeting with everyone from 6:00 this morning to 6:00 this evening! Thanks to Jill Weinthal, Marla Vaughter and Cantor Reinwald for being present throughout the day; to Dan and Jerry Rothblum for providing a meal for all of us; and to Octavio Montanez for everything.

All of the power at the temple is turned off for now and as you might expect we are unable to access any email accounts or answer the phones.  We are doing everything we can to restore power as soon as possible and again, we will know more after Tuesday.

For life cycle needs only during the next few days, please contact Cantor Reinwald at (check your email for number).

Please continue to check this site for updates.


Lynn Matassarin, TBS President

Rabbi Heidi Cohen

Posted: Feb. 15, 1pm – Sisterhood:

YES! In spite of the fire at the TBS kitchen, the Academy Awards WILL go on – and SO WILL our special “Night with Oscar”!! Read More…

Posted: Feb. 15, 10:00 am:

Dear Congregational Family,

As you may have heard on the local news, there was a fire very early this morning in the TBS kitchen. No one was there and so thankfully no one was injured. The OC Fire Authority responded immediately and they were able to contain the fire damage to the kitchen area only. At this time we have not been granted access to the buildings except to remove the Torah scrolls (thank you Matt Cohen). Our insurance company has been notified and we hope to quickly commence the clean-up process to regain the use of our facility.

At this time all temple events have been cancelled or postponed. For information about tomorrow’s Mitzvah Meals please contact Monica Engel at 949-458-8732 or sovta11@cox.net for alternate location.

More information will be forthcoming in as timely a manner as possible. Please visit this post for further updates.

Lynn Matassarin
TBS President

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