Focus Groups

UPDATE: TBS Focus Groups Have Large Participation, Valuable Input

At the beginning of October, 108 TBS congregants participated in a series of focus groups, designed to elicit input to help with the temple’s strategic planning, as well as to provide information to the settled rabbi search committee about the congregation’s vision for our future spiritual leadership.  There were 15 in-person and Zoom focus groups, which were facilitated by temple volunteers, including Soni Sandberg, Ari Ohls, Rachel Benson, Annbeth Shanfield, Mary Gonzalez, Lori Griffin, Jason Weissberg, and Jeff Merkow.  They were assisted by note-takers Rachel Shih, Jen Marger, Doris Bachman, Karen Merkow, Jose Gonzalez, Matthew Griffin, Cindy Grossberg, Karen Warren, Katie Weissberg, Keren Marmarelli,  Eyal Marmarelli, Elyse McDonnell, Heidi King, Sue Guilford and Mimi Winston.
The focus group project has been organized by TBS Co-Executive Vice Presidents Rachel Benson and Jeff Merkow. They have been assisted by Melanie Pollock in data analysis and have reported their preliminary results to the settled rabbi search committee, which used the input in crafting their application to the Central Conference of American Rabbis (CCAR), the body that oversees the application process for Reform rabbis.
The congregation will be able to read a summary of all of the focus groups’ input in the next issue of Our Voices, and on our webpage.
A big “thank you” to everyone who has worked on and contributed to this very important project.


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