Freedom of Speech or Intimidation

Monday night the Orange County Community had the opportunity to hear Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren speak about the Israel Palestinian conflict. This was an opportunity for dialogue to discuss the challenges in Israel at this time, especially in the wake of Israel’s response to the Goldstone report. (more info at )

Ambassador Oren was speaking at UCI, which is known for it’s “Week of Hate” sponsored by the Muslim Student Union. These weeks of hate include MSU students being overly confrontational toward UCI students, namely Jewish students. There have been discussions with Chancellor Drake during which he describes that we must allow for freedom of speech on campus while maintaining a level of respect for differing views. However, this has been challenged in the past and it was disturbingly apparent Monday night. ( )

When does free speech cross the line? At what point does the University take a stand and say, enough is enough. Expressing one’s views has to also be tempered with listening and entering into a dialogue. The MSU students from both UCI and Riverside crossed the line of descent conduct. From the video posted by the Register and accounts from those in the Jewish community, Monday night’s disruption was not meant to engage in dialogue, but rather insight hate.

It is time for UCI to take a stand. While academic free speech may encourage challenging programs, outright disrespect and disruptions like what took place at Ambassador Oren’s presentation crosses a line. If we truly wish to engage in a dialogue toward peace, then we have to listen to one another and actually dialogue. Shouting insults and even rude hand jestures exchanged Monday night does nothing to promote free speech. It is embarassing for not only UCI, but for all of us when such a dignitary comes to our community and has to waste 30 minutes for a crowd to come under control.

To Ambassador Oren’s credit, he stayed, finished his talk and expressed his disappointment that the MSU students could not have the patience to enter into a conversation.

Where is the line of freedom of speech and hate speech? I believe it was crossed Monday night and now we must stand up and say enough and not be afraid to confront those who only know how to speak hate.

2 Responses to Freedom of Speech or Intimidation

  1. Gay Tarin February 11, 2010 at 10:10 am #

    As a former graduate of UCI, I am mortified, horrifically embarrased and this incident brought tears to my eyes and an aching heart. Yes, it’s time that something is done. It is time that a stand be taken and that petulant children not be allowed to participate in forums of peaceful discussion when they cannot contribute meaningful and well-intended concepts and dialogue. Tikkun olam. We cannot heal ourselves nor our earth unless and until we act as a unit of love and peace. Where do we go from here?

  2. Leo February 17, 2010 at 5:13 pm #

    We were there on Feb. 8- in the audience who came to hear Ambassador Oren speak. As residents of Orange county for over 50 years, we have seen many changes take place- most of them improvements. However, the disruptive conduct of the so-called students who heckled the Ambassador is totally Un-American and totally unacceptable in an American University.

    They came not to learn but to disrupt our way of life. Therefore, we most strongly urge the University to take appropriate actions to have them expelled from UCI immediately, as well as prosecuted for disturbing the peace and inciting to riot. Make room at UCI for students who wish to learn and become integrated into our way of life.