From the Rabbi’s Study: A Prayer for Ukraine

For many of us, the war in Ukraine continues to weigh heavily upon us. The terrible loss of life, the long streams of refugees, the destruction of towns and personal memories lost in the rubble of bombed out buildings, weighs on our souls. So, as the eyes of the world continue to turn towards Ukraine and the Russian aggression at their border, the first and best thing we can do is turn our hearts and minds to prayer .

Holy and Blessed One,
We pray fervently for the people of Ukraine. The situation they now face is not a new one. The name Ukraine translates to “borderland,” and this nation has been viewed for centuries as just that – a bordering land waiting to be conquered. This nation and its people have seen struggles with Russia for a century, and over 13,000 have already died in the war that has been raging in the southwestern area of Ukraine since 2014. They are a resilient people who live in a volatile area of the world that has seen regular war and upheaval. We ask that the people of Ukraine may be safe, secure, and that they would know not only peace on earth but Your true and unwavering peace.

We lift up the many people and groups doing sacred work in Ukraine and neighboring countries. We ask for their protection, and that they be able to freely continue serving the people around them. Help us find ways to support them in their mission to help the dispossessed and scattered. We are not present, but we can help with our time, talents and resources. Give us the wisdom to reach out and the courage to seek peace in the world. And let us embody the vision of Isaiah who taught “let them beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks.” Amen

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