From the Rabbi’s Study: Pesach is Coming

Pesach is coming. Are you getting ready?

Soon, we will usher in our annual celebration of freedom from the yoke of tyranny and oppression. This year, as you prepare for your Seder meal please remember the millions of people, in this country and around the world, who remain enslaved by hunger and poverty. With the continued financial crisis and the increasing uncertainty of jobs, with the continued pressure of the war in Ukraine, more and more people are flowing to food banks and soup kitchens than ever before. Our community cries out to us for help. Passover is our time to answer that call.

This Passover, add deeper meaning to the words of the Haggadah “let all who are hungry enter and eat” by contributing to MAZON: A Jewish Response to Hunger what you would have spent to feed one extra guest at your Seder. MAZON works effectively and strategically to assist hungry people of all faiths and backgrounds in accessing the vital nutrition they need to build healthy, productive lives.

This Passover appeal, embraced by American Jews across the denominational spectrum, has helped make MAZON a leading voice for social justice and sustainable change. Ours is the richest nation in the history of the world, and still more than 36 million Americans, including over 12 million children, live on the brink of hunger. Through MAZON, you can play a vital role in ending this terrible scandal. As part of this year’s seder, please include the reading below during your holiday observance.

A MAZON Passover Reading
One day, God, may it be Your will
that we live in a world perfected,
in which food comes to the hungry as from heaven,
and water will flow to the thirsty as a stream.
But in the meantime,
while the world is filled with hunger,
empower us to stand on Your behalf
and fulfill the words of Your prophet:
“to all who are thirsty bring water,”
and “greet those who wander with food.”
This Passover, bless us that we should sustain the hungry.
– Rabbi Scott Perlo

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