Girl Scouts Silver Award Program held at TBS

Temple Beth Sholom congregant Natalie Salvatierra is doing her Girl Scouts Silver Award program about religious tolerance – always an important topic.  Please see below for further information and the flyer about her event:

My name is Natalie Salvatierra. I am planning an event for middle schoolers to teach them about religious tolerance. My event will take place on Sunday November 12, 2017 from 1:30-4:30 at Temple Beth Sholom, and it will be free to attend.  I am hoping about 100 6th-8th grade school students come.

As you know, religious intolerance starts with someone trying to be funny by making a rude religious joke. People may even become threatened for their beliefs. For those reasons, I chose to make my Girl Scout Silver Award (the highest award a middle school Girl Scout can earn) about religious tolerance. I strongly feel people need to be taught that all beliefs deserve respect! I think it is especially important that middle schoolers are taught about religious tolerance because they are still forming their opinions. I would like to make an impact on my peers. Therefore, the objective of the event I’m planning is to educate middle school kids of different religions about religious tolerance while having fun. When people leave my event, I hope that they gain a sense of respect for the people who practice different religions around them.

The event is going to be themed The Amazing Race- Rocking Religion. The Amazing Race is a race with teams that battle it out across the world doing different challenges related to the country they are in. In my religious version, each group of middle schoolers will have different clues and go to stations that represent places that have religious symbolism. At the stations, they will learn about the religion and do an activity about the religion. I am planning on having two rotations. One rotation will be the Race, and the other rotation will be a speaker.

For more information please see the program flyer or contact Natalie direclty at


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