How to be a Good Person – Day 13

13 Elul 5773
By Halia Lindauer

Your responsibility and attitude can take you a long way. If you do it correctly, that is.

You should take your responsibilities seriously. For example, when you’re in school and your teacher gives you an assignment, and you take your time and turn it in feeling confident about what you did, it’s probably a good sign. Because if you get your paper back and you got an A+, you’ll know what you did in that paper and you can do it again and achieve something great. That’s how I got into GATE. I had to remember what I did with my other A or A+ papers and assignments and do it again and again.

Your attitude is part of you. It can also take you a long way. When you are in school and you have a positive attitude your teachers and friends will notice you and say, “Wow look at her.” You will have a better time with others when you look on the brighter side of things. Your friends like being friends with people who are positive, not negative.

The main idea is to put effort into what you do. Push yourself to always give all you’ve got and you’ll always be proud of what you’ve done.

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