Leaving Northern Israel – Tzippori

We had a very different dinner last night at a goat farm named Ein Kamonim with soup, salads, goat milk cheese, goat milk yogurt, breads with goat milk butter, and for dessert, naturally… Baked apples (sorry, no goat milk)

This morning we begin a long day starting with leaving our home at K’far Blum and then some of us see the “mythical” Hyrax (rock rabbits) and the incredible greenery – it should be so green with all the rain we had yesterday.

Our first stop of the day is the ancient city of Tzippori 20120202-102734.jpg20120202-102754.jpg20120202-102810.jpg

When the Jews were revolting down in Jerusalem/Judea, Tzippori signed a treaty with the Romans and escaped destruction. Because of this the architecture and design reflects Roman influences even though this remained a Jewish city. 20120202-103438.jpg

This city later was used by both the crusaders and the Muslims when they controlled the area an has buildings from those periods as well. The new invaders of the area would build new buildings with whatever happened to be nearby, giving some of the buildings a ‘mix-and-match’ quality.

Some of the nicer houses would have whole-floor mosaics that are on display today.


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