Light and Dark – Day 16

16 Elul 5773
By Jackie Gallant


Quiet light rising
Changing colors

Sun is rising
Pink and gold
Peeking through the cloud
Coming forward through the dark

Light, light, light
Darkness receding
To its resting place
Until night it will rest
Hidden from the noise, the heat, the chatter

Moving forward to its crescendo in the sky
The molten ball of light revs up all that is
Blasting heat, releasing thought
No words just thought

Feelings and emotions
Grinding inside to get insight
Hard to see, pain and pain
Working through the heat to grind
Grind the pain to stop

The horizon red and burning
Sanitizing all that’s hurting
Dipping down below the line
Pink and purple, pink and yellow
Clouds encroaching
Darkness inching from its resting place
Not yet, still glowing just above the line

Encroaching, dipping
Like a monster eating the light and releasing the dark
Cool and quiet, peaceful but scary
Soft and cool
Peaceful or scary, which one to choose

Take the night to quiet the heart, the soul, the me
Dark rests, when light is up
Light is resting when dark is out
Cooling and heating, heating and cooling
Resting and working, working and sleeping

Changing the heart
Seeking the soul
Light and dark
Flip side of one coin
Light and dark
The depth of my soul

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