Living Legacy Campaign: Building TBS generation to generation

FAQs on the Living Legacy Campaign

The Vision for the Future

The TBS Master Plan document focuses on a number of new strategies to strengthen and enrich our congregation. This bold and creative vision will allow us to meet the needs of our current congregation as well as generations to come. We can  grow our congregation through the enhancements envisioned in this Master Plan, as long as we are prepared to raise funds to enhance our Temple’s facilities.

Our Living Legacy Capital Campaign is a two-year program to raise funds to enhance our campus, build space that is safer, greener, multi-functional, and more welcoming to study, elevate the spirit, serve the community, and deepen our connections to each other.

1.  Why are we engaging in a capital campaign?
It is time to build for today’s and future Generations

  • Together, we have identified a number of areas that require renovation, enhancements and replacement.
  • The outdated school building, with leaky roofs and poor grading, requires numerous structural changes to repair the extensive water damage that accompanies each rainstorm.
  • We cannot accommodate those who wish to meet at TBS on the weekend because we are out of meeting and classroom space.
  •  Our administrative office spaces are grossly inadequate to serve staff and congregation needs.
  • And our heating and cooling systems are antiquated and inordinately expensive to operate, and in desperate need of replacement.

2.  What will we be doing?
We began by asking our congregants what facilities they want for themselves, for their children and grandchildren, their friends and the community at large. During focus groups we confirmed that congregants want a central Jewish gathering place that meets their collective needs.

Among the many enhancements, the plan calls for:

  • a new, multi-purpose education building
  • a beautiful remodeled sanctuary
  • a chapel for intimate, spiritual gatherings
  • an eastern entrance for easier access
  • an outdoor meeting and gathering space
  • a youth lounge more recreational spaces
  • a “living room” space at the new campus entrance to assure that everyone is greeted and made to feel welcome as they arrive into the new administrative space and our campus

3.  Why take this on now, when the economy is still in a recession?
We can not afford to wait. The longer we postpone, the deeper the construction and maintenance challenges. It is only a matter of time before the current facility maintenance practices will no longer be adequate. If we raise money and do some work during the recession, we are likely to save on construction costs.

4. How will we finance the campaign?

  • Like those who founded this Temple in 1942, we must embrace the challenge of raising the funds needed to assure that TBS becomes a greater Jewish center for life, learning and connections.
  • The Living Legacy Campaign goal is to come from members and friends.  We have already collected approximately $2.2 million in pledges.
  • Through a competitive proposal process, we intend to secure a construction phase loan that can be drawn down as the construction is completed and will be repaid as the pledges are collected.
  • Our total project costs will not exceed the total amount of pledges. Therefore, we will only be borrowing amounts that we can repay through our pledge collections.

5.  How will TBS handle and account for donations as they come in?
To meet the needs of diverse donors and keep the accounting clear, Temple Beth Sholom’s Treasurer has set up a money market account for capital campaign contributions.  This will ensure money donated for the capital campaign is used only for the needs of our plan.

6. Will there be naming and dedication opportunities?
Yes! Naming opportunities will be recognized with signage, plaques, central wall of honor, or scroll of appreciation in accordance with the TBS Donor Recognition Policy. In keeping with the Temple’s philosophy of valuing all donors at every level, each gift will be recognized in some manner.

7.  What is the estimated timetable for construction?
Once the fundraising goal has been met and construction plans have been completed, the construction will take approximately 12-18 months.

8.  How can I learn more and stay abreast of the campaign?
Visit our website, or contact:

Jeff Winston, Project Chair or  714-777-3555

Linda Weissberg, Liason to Major Donors  or  714-731-7633

Susie Amster, Executive Director  or  714-628-4600

Honorary Chairs, Bernie and Brad Horwitz • Sandy and Allen Fainbarg

For more information about supporting The Living Legacy Campaign, please contact Susie Amster, TBS Executive Director at 714-628-4600 or


  • Imagine our Temple with classrooms and educational facilities equipped with the latest technology, so that our kids have access to Jewish information in a fashion comparable to what they have in their public and private schools.
  • Imagine our teens with social and recreational spaces to gather after school because they want to be engaged and interact with their Jewish friends.
  • Imagine adults gathering to have coffee and chat together—to learn or socialize with other empty- esters, singles, or those waiting for the kids or grandkids to finish school.
  • Imagine an enhanced kitchen space to allow for our own on-site celebrations as well as to better support the Mitzvah Meals program where volunteers gather to cook and deliver meals that will feed over 250 individuals every week.
  • Imagine an environment that is inviting, social and spiritual—that truly lets the light shine in—a synagogue with stained glass windows and natural light. A sacred setting where the richness of music is enhanced by a state-of-the art sound system, clear acoustics and a projection system where the prayer book and song sheet can be visually shared in order to truly connect with those praying around us.
  • Imagine new outdoor spaces where we can meet, relax, contemplate and celebrate.
  • Imagine a campus that is “green” sensitive, with energy-saving heating and cooling systems.
  • Imagine grounds with a true campus feel. Where we are secure, safe and feel like one community upon entering TBS.