Lunch at Abou Lafia and walking along the Namal

Some of us are splitting off from here so it was time for our farewell meal: Lunch at Abou Lafia. They have a dairy/pastry location on the street but since we would be blocking traffic to have all of us standing and ordering our food we went into the larger restaurant across the street.




I’m sorry that I didn’t get a picture of it, but we each had our own fish for lunch, and it was very good but I personally had to cover up his face before I could dig in. Rabbi Cohen had gotten excited about the grilled meat so she had lamb and chicken skewers instead.

From there we said our good-byes to the portion of the group that was going to the airport to fly to Eilat and continue on to Petra, and then we were dropped off at the Namal, or Tel Aviv pier.


We had a nice walk, including getting gelato and watched the sunset, then it was time to pack, weigh the suitcases and get ready to go home.


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