Masada in the south

We’ve been very lucky with scheduling this trip. So lucky, in fact, that we came down to the southern portion of Israel to see Masada and the Dead Sea on one of only 2-3 days a year that it rains in the southern desert.

We had a relaxing ride down with a ‘story hour’ by Mike talking about the history of the Palestinian- and Israeli- occupied territories outside of Jerusalem. We were also warned that there was even a possibility of us experiencing flash floods that may prevent us from returning home to this afternoon but we’ll keep you posted on that.


Some of us were disappointed that the rain meant they couldn’t exercise their athletic prowess and run up the snake path so they has to settle for doing lunges in King Herod’s ancient storerooms.


We then had a treat as Rabbi Cohen surprised all of us (except for two) with a renewal of vows at the edge of Masada in the palace.



Despite the rain, it’s actually a bit crowded up here with lots of groups from all over. So we ducked into the ancient synagogue to have some time for Mike to give us some more explanations of the history of the site.



Oh, and of course we went shopping.



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