Message from the President

By: Mike Winston

I can feel spring in the air. My lemon tree is flowering, my avocado tree is budding, and I am getting excited for Purim. We have a great Purim Carnival planned for Sunday, March 13th. And on March 16th, Cantor Reinwald’s loving, and slightly overbearing Aunt Shirley is coming for an adults (21+) only night to tell us the story of Purim like you have never heard it before. This should be a hoot and holler event.

Purim is awesome as it allows us to really loosen up. By dressing up in a costume—and perhaps adding a little bit of liquid courage—we can have fun and just be ourselves. Between handling COVID, being cognizant of political divisiveness, and just dealing with everyday goings-on in our lives, it will be nice to unwind and have a laugh. I am looking forward to this upcoming holiday.

During the High Holy Days, Rabbi Lipper talked about how to continue to rebuild and heal our community. One of the messages from him that stuck with me was how easy it really was: just be present…be there. Purim is your opportunity. Grab your glass of wine, whiskey, vodka, iced tea, whatever…Grab a ticket…and have a great laugh and some fun at our Purim celebrations. I really hope to see you there. L’Shalom.

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