Mitzvah Meals

By Cheryl Escoe

When I was asked to manage the Mitzvah Meals program four years ago, I knew little about what I was in for.  I knew we prepared food each Sunday to be delivered to shelters in Orange County. I was taught how to use the computer program that managed the 100 plus names of the people who worked and in what capacity. There are drivers, servers, cooks, bakers and shift leaders. I didn’t know I would be interfacing with the community that manages the homeless shelters and soup kitchens in Orange County.

Mary’s Kitchen in Orange is a Soup Kitchen. They feed, clothe and offer mail service as well as showers and bathroom facilities to the homeless who seek them out.  Gloria Seuss is the CEO and has been there since 1988. We are privileged to be able to pick up food each week at no charge to help us prepare our meals for very little cost.  You see Mary’s Kitchen is the Grandfather of Soup Kitchens. Truck- loads of food donations are dropped off each day from warehouses all over the county.  Gloria feels that her blessings should be shared, that way she’ll continue to be blessed. Gloria knows her Jewish Friends come on Thursday so she has food set aside for us. Never is there pork in the boxes. If there is any excess food like a palette of pasta, she asks us to help her out by taking it off her hands.

We have developed a great relationship and I look forward to seeing Gloria Seuss each week along with the volunteers who help us load up our car. You never know what door will open to new adventures. Join Mitzvah Meals to find out what adventure is in store for you.

Mitzvah Meals


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