No Answers- Norman Rosen

Elul already—How did it get so near?
Elul already—What became of the year?
What happened during Eluls Past as Eluls passed?
Why are seconds so slow but years so fast?
What did I do?
Did I do anything right?
Did I do enough?
Did I do anything?
Are things better? Is there less bad?
Am I getting anywhere? If so—where? And how?
Why does Yom Kippur seem so far away when it’s not?
All those chaits—Could just be fate?
All those chaits—Should I just wait?
All those chaits—Is it too late?
So many chaits—Is one day Yom Kippur enough of a date?
Really just one question—“What did I do with my time?”

Norman Rosen


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