Our Legacy – Day 21

21 Elul 5773
By Anonymous TBS Member

Initially, I found the task at hand to be a daunting one…..write a piece for the new Echoes of Elul to be shared on the temple website. I was conflicted about what I wanted to say. I do find these days of introspection, contemplation and reflection a difficult time.

But then it became very clear and quite simple.

This has been hanging on the wall at my mom’s house for several years. It was written by my son when he was seventeen, as an 80th birthday gift for his grandmother.

My Grandmother Read Stories

They were just meant as sleep aides
at Grandma’s house
when my cousin and I were lucky enough to stay there

but it was how she put love and warmth
into every word
her voice of gold
the stories so simple
yet so relaxing and peaceful

how every word was crafted into a masterpiece
books of young boys and their dogs
fairy godmothers
were made into kind people
because of the softness of my grandmothers voice

the stories became real under our eyelids
vivid pictures and sounds soared within our heads
an owl hooting
a dog barking
children laughing
children sobbing
all of these sounds
putting us to sleep

oh grandmother you molded our dreams
into fantasies in far off places
into the sunset
into rolling green hills
into the night
into peace
which would remain within us until we woke up

spoken with love
the stories live on

As I approach these days of Elul, I look deep and find what is truly important. What I already know, but maybe don’t achieve every day…that what we do everyday, the simplest things really, what we say, how we treat others, taking the time to read to our children, have long lasting effects! Our actions everyday are our legacy! It’s what we do now that is important.

My family is my light and they illuminate my soul. As 5774 approaches I will strive to leave them with a legacy of kindness.

L’shanah Tovah

One Response to Our Legacy – Day 21

  1. Jill Weinthal August 27, 2013 at 4:30 pm #

    What a lovely memory! I wish I had these kind of memories of my grandmother. I’m sure you will achieve your goal.