Passover 2023 at TBS

Passover 2023 will begin in the evening of Wednesday, April 5 and ends in the evening of Thursday, April 13

Community Seder

On Thursday, April 6 at 6:00pm we come together to retell the story of Passover.

Join us for a community 2nd Night Seder with Rabbi Sobel. Register Here.

Haggadot Exhibition

What Haggadah will you be using this Passover? Is it fun? Is it different? Is it profusely illustrated? Get ready to be immersed in Haggadot from around as The Joy and Alan Shebroe Haggadah Collection returns to TBS!

Come and see one of the largest, most unusual and beautiful collections of almost 400 Haggadot, 51 years in the collecting! The only commonality in this collection is that every single one, is fully illustrated!

If you are only familiar with your Maxwell House or common Haggadah, come feast your eyes on those illustrated by the likes of Marc Chagall, Arthur Szyk, Gustav Dore, Leonard Baskin, Rafael Abacasis and other famous Artists.

Come see the famous Sarajevo Haggadah as well as replicas of other worldy Haggadot like those from Copenhagen, Trieste, Moravia, Darmastat, Bresau, Babylonia, Aleppo Syria, Iraq, Ethiopia and Amsterdam, all published over the last 500 years!

Ancient illustrated manuscripts like the Rylands Ashkenazi and Sephardic Haggadot, the Washington and Kitsee Haggadas, will be on display.

You’ll see some in the form of a Megilah Scroll, and some are musical Haggadot. Some are illustrated by the Children of Leningrad, some by Autistic artists, and some painted by artists who paint with their hands and feet! Some are over 2 feet tall, while other’s less than 6″s.

There are children’s haggadah’s, funny haggadah’s. irreverent haggadas, parody haggadas, social action haggadas and even one where the Pink Panther makes an appearance! And don’t miss the Australian Haggada by Victor Majzner (some of whose art is hanging in the Temple) or the Post Apocolyptic Haggadah by Rabbi Stanly Lebovic!

Each one is either wonderfully illustrated or is itself, a work of art, like the metal covered and jewel encrusted Szyk Haggadahs.

Some are quite rare, some are quite common, all will be available for you to peruse at will beginning just before Passover on March 26 and will be on display through April 17 in the library next to the Cantor’s office. Alan will be there off and on to share his collection and answer any questions you might have. There will also be opportunities to purchase extra copies for yourselves with the proceeds being shared with the temple!

We invite you to come as see this amazing lifelong collection. It is doubtful you will see this many anywhere but in a museum. (and maybe they don’t even have as many)!

Additional dates the Alan will be at the exhibit to speak and answer questions: 
March 29 & March 31 from 4pm to 8pm
April 6 at 3pm before the community seder
April 7 before and after Shabbat Services which begin at 6pm
April 11 & April 13 from 4pm to 8pm
April 16 from 9am to 1pm
April 17 at Shabbat Services

Last Day Pesach Yizkor Service

Like on last day Sukkot, we will join with Shir Ha’ma’alot and Congregation B’nai Tzedek to celebrate the last day of Pesach and remember our loved ones who have died with our service of Yizkor. 
This communal Yizkor service for last day Pesach will take place:
Wednesday, April 12th
10:30 AM
Congregation Shir Ha’ma’alot
3652 Michelson Drive
Irvine, CA

ALL NAMES WILL BE READ FROM ALL THREE CONGREGATIONS (from those who died last year at Pesach – this year at Pesach)

Passover Resources

Set up your Seder Plate – The seder plate holds ritual foods used throughout the Passover seder. Each item on a seder plate is a symbol of the Exodus story and helps participants at the seder retell the story each year. Find out what you need to have there (and why).

Choosing a Haggadah – The most important part of the story is the way you tell the story – Here are some Haggadot options

  • Reform Haggadot and Other Passover ResourcesCCAR Press shares discounted Haggadot (both print and online), free flipbooks, and more to help you lead virtual Passover celebrations and allow seder guests to follow along from afar. This year, their beautiful new Haggadah will enliven your seder even more, plus a video series on the poetry and prayer of the Haggadah to help you dig deeper.
  • Kid-Friendly HaggadotThese eight great Haggadot have been recommended by Jewish educators as being imaginative, accessible, and child-friendly but not childish.

Passover Seder Guide – Meaningful Life Center in New York came up with 15 Steps to Personal Freedom with its Haggadah. You have to register to their website to access the free guide

Kids: Create Your Own Haggadah – A very sweet ECC initiative from previous years allows kids to create and color their own Haggadah. Download here

Recipes: Some of Rabbi Sharon Sobel’s Favorite Recipes (and she has many more!)

Part the Waters, Walk on Through (Julie Geller)
10 Plagues in Egypt Land (Ellen Allard)
The Red Sea Shanty – A Pirate Passover
Dayenu – I’m Coming Home (The Fountainheads)Some info about Passover Music with links from the Reform Movement

Passover old Resource Page

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