Certified Nature Explore Classroom

The Nature Explore Outdoor Classroom at Temple Beth Sholom Preschool is a dynamic, nature-based learning and play space for our students.  Research shows that children need connections with the natural world as a regular part of their healthy growth and development.  In our well-disguised Nature Explore Outdoor Classroom, children have daily contact with nature in a variety of ways.  Children develop observation skills, which are fundamental in the foundation of math, science and literacy learning.  The edible garden in our outdoor classroom offers children the opportunity to taste, touch, dig and feel a variety of fruits, vegetables and herbs.  In our outdoor music and movement area, we provide a place where children can make music, dance and sing using a variety of natural melodic materials that allow for improvisation and creativity.  This unique outdoor space offers your child countless open-ended possibilities for discovery and learning.

In our outdoor classroom, children…

  • explore green spaces, which develops a level of independence and stimulates a variety of different learning experiences.
  • build with natural materials such as tree blocks, cedar tree stumps and hollow wooden blocks.
  • share ideas, negotiate, make decisions, choose tasks and problem-solve together.
  • incorporate math skills, like counting, predicting and estimating, such as determining how many sticks it takes to create a fort.
  • actively engage in every part of the planting process, including: seeding, watering, weeding, tending and finally harvesting.
  • develop a relationship and appreciation for the world around them.

We would love to have you as a member of our Temple Beth Sholom Preschool family.  For more information, please contact the preschool at 714-628-4640.