Preview of Music at Services on 11/11 and 11/18

By: Cantor David Reinwald

This week and next week, you have the chance to experience two services that are very “out of the box.”  These services will both be filled with incredible ruach, and with that spirit, I think you will find yourself transcending the limits of what you may have thought was possible in a service.  And, this is what we often aim to do–to lift your spirits through music and prayer.

This week, Nov. 11th: We wanted to create a new band experience, and it was my idea to create a service that had most of its music in reggae style.  This music highlights feelings of great freedom and joy, and it will infuse this into our prayer experience.  Expect to hear a lot of Bob Marley favorites, right alongside new “rasta-fied” versions of your favorite prayers.  It will be hard not to smile the entire time this Friday.

Next week, Nov. 18th: I will be joined by a local accompanist for a “contemporary piano service” that will certainly be a bit more downtempo from the immense energy of our Reggae Shabbat, but will have a strong spirit and energy of its own.  I am excited to introduce you to a lot of music that may be unknown to you and which requires the beautiful voice of the piano.  It is very exciting to be able to use our piano, a gift of the family of Debbie Friedman, as it has such a rich tone and is sure to make this music sparkle.  You will be exposed to some of the most contemporary composers writing Jewish and Cantorial music today.  We will also be honored to hear Steve Acterman speak as part of our “Stories Within” series about his own experience as a foster and adoptive parent, and the state of the foster system today.  Please join us for this very special Shabbat.

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