Purim is the most joyous holiday in the Jewish calendar. It recounts the saving of the Jews from a threatened massacre during the Persian period, as told in the Book of Esther, whose eponymous heroine plays the leading role in saving her people. The holiday is traditionally celebrated with putting on costumes, eating hamentashen and giving to the poor.

Purim Baskets/Mishloach Manot for TBS Members

Though this year we cannot celebrate with our traditional TBS Purim carnival & shpiel, we can still gather in spirit. Purim is a day for celebrating how much kindness we can give to others. There is a Jewish tradition of giving Purim baskets (also called Mishloach Manot) to family and friends and this year we are excited to announce the opportunity to share in this mitzvah of giving! Every member will receive a basket with a card! Spread the love to your TBS friends and staff by adding your name to the card in their basket, which will be filled with goodies and holiday treats. Click here to order and for more information.


The deadline for ordering Mishloach Manot is 9 am on February 24


Geeks Who Drink Purim edition
Saturday February 27, 2021

Join the fun! TBS will have our Adult Purim Celebration – online.
We will start the evening with the Megillah reading at 7:30.
Back by popular demand, “Geeks Who Drink” leading us in an adult trivia game at 8:00.
The evening is timed so that you can get the kids to bed or entertained with a movie and the parents can tune in for the reading and game.

Registration deadline is Thursday February 25th at 10 pm


Family Purim

TBS offers three Purim events for families with kids.
Puppet Show
Sun2/21 at 2:30pm
Join us for a puppet show! Great for ages 0-7
Register at https://tbsoc.shulcloud.com/event/purim-puppet-show.html

2/26 at 4:30pm Kindergarten through 7th graders are invited to join Temple Beth El for a fun, interactive performance by The Bible Players!
Register at https://tbsoc.shulcloud.com/event/purim-fun-for-kindergarten-through-7th-grade-.html

Purim story Through LEGOs
2/28 ECC and RS students are invited to come together at 10:30 to hear the Purim story told through LEGOs! Have your own LEGO nearby and be ready to create Shushan and the characters of the story!
Register at https://tbsoc.shulcloud.com/event/purim-story-told-through-legos-.html

We are currently looking for volunteers for our Purim events. If you want to get involved (and have some fun on the way), please contact Ruth Irving.

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