Rabbi Donnell Invites You To Spend the Weekend With Him

March 4-6, 2016


Friday, March 4 — Shabbat Evening Services

With Rabbi Donnell and  Rabbinic Student Bryan Zive

“L’chu N’ran’na l’Adonai—Come, Let us sing joyously to Adonai!” A service celebrating Kabballat Shabbat and its inspiring introduction to the day of spiritual renewal. The sermon with be, “It’s Not Who’s Your Leader, It’s What’s Your Leader” the Torah’s guide for choosing good leaders.


Saturday, March 5 —  Torah Study 9:15 am

With Rabbi Donnell and  Rabbinic Student Bryan Zive

Parashat Vayakhel:Shabbat, A Firestorm of Controversy. From one verse in this week’s Torah portion a whole medieval controversy erupted that shaped the ritual future of Judaism and gives rise to questions about how we deal with diversity and dissent in Judaism today.


Shabbat Shacharit 10:30 am

            With Rabbi Donnell and  Rabbinic Student Bryan Zive

Shabbat Shekalim introducing the period of Passover preparation. A service filled with song, meditation and joy.


Food for the Soul Program  – RESERVATIONS CLOSED

            With Rabbi Donnell and  Rabbinic Student Bryan Zive

  Food for the Soul” Food plays a starring role in Jewish tradition from Friday night dinner to the Passover Seder, but its significance goes way beyond the fact that we Jews like to eat! Food has spiritual significance in our tradition. Through Se’udat Shlishit, the “Third Meal” of Shabbat, we will explore some insights of our tradition on the “Torah of the kitchen” from the Talmud to the Hasidic masters. To add to our Shabbat delight we will sample wines from Israel, enjoy a cheese tasting and indulge ourselves with rich chocolate. To top things off we will add music to nourish our souls as well as our appetites.

Reservations are now closed. We hope you will enjoy all the other programming with Rabbi Donnell throughout the weekend.


Sunday, March 6 — Adult Ed Program  9:30 am

With Rabbi Donnell

  “What is Your Haggadah?” Do you remember the Seder story of the rabbis at B’nei Berak, the one with the names that no one can ever pronounce? Do you know why they were there? Do you know what they were doing? It was about the time of that story that our Passover Haggadah was born as a contemporary response to an ancient story, making historic lessons meaningful for a new generation. Jews have always done that with our stories and with our teachings. In this workshop we will explore how the Haggadah developed as a revolutionary document and how it evolved over the centuries to speak to new generations in new and meaningful ways. This will help you to make your Seder more personal and significant this year as you answer the question, — What is your Haggadah?


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