Rabbi’s Corner: Kristallnacht and Veteran’s Day

Wednesday (November 9th) was the commemoration of Kristallnacht – The Night of Broken Glass. This is the anniversary of that horrific event in 1938 when the Nazis in Germany sent their thugs on a murderous pogrom: violence and destruction of Jewish property and persons, looting, killing, and setting into motion what would become the greatest example of evil in our time, the Holocaust.

Two days later, today, we observe Veterans’ Day, remembering, honoring and paying tribute to those who defend our great nation, our right to live in safety and security, peace and harmony.

Kristallnacht is the symbol of evil. Veterans’ Day is the symbol of valor. Evil followed by valor. May valor always overpower evil, eradicating it so that honor, dignity, peace and harmony remain. We remember the evil, so we don’t become the evil. We celebrate and salute the valor, so we can inspire each other to live lives of valor and justice.

Please join us tonight as we remember and honor and pay tribute, with our special service at 7:00 PM.

Prayer of Hope (Alden Solovy)

Hold fast to the breath of life. Hold fast to the song of life. Hold fast to the soul of life.

Hold fast to awe and wonder. Hold fast to radiance and light. Hold fast to mystery and majesty.

Hold fast to dreams, hopes and visions.
Hold fast to those who share your dreams.
Hold fast to God, who rekindles hope and trust and courage within our hearts.

O God – help us to sustain our belief in the promise That even in the darkest times,
Even when we feel most discouraged,
There is reason to trust

That love is never extinguished That light and spirit will prevail.

Hold fast to the promise that we, you and I together,
Can build a world that is safer for us and our children and all good people Everywhere.

During the days and nights ahead, O God, bring comfort and peace, Hope and light. To broken hearts and a broken world.

Shabbat Shalom.
Rabbi Sharon L. Sobel
Senior Rabbi, Temple Beth Sholom

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