Reaching out to the Santa Ana Community Center

Monday night brought tragedy to the Southwest Community Center in Santa Ana.  A fire broke out before midnight in the part of the building where gifts and food had been stored.  Hundreds of crates of food and stockings for a holiday party this coming weekend  were destroyed along with other donations.  The center was expecting over 800 people for their celebration.  Fortunately, a number of other boxes of gifts and supplies for the celebration were in another part of the facility and were saved. Read more

Temple Beth Sholom is proud to be a part of the Santa Ana community.  Let’s come together and reach out to the Southwest Community Center during this tragic time.  Please consider making a donation to the center during these last couple of days of Chanukah.  Visit the Southwest Community Center website where they have listed exactly they need.

At this time of tragedy for our neighbors, allow us to bring light to their season and joy for all.

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