September 17, 2022

7:30 pm – Film and Discussion followed by dessert
9:00 pm – Service led by Rabbi Sharon Sobel, Cantorial Soloist, Mark Thompson and accompaniment by Paul Zuill


Jewish Food For Thought
A Program of Ethical Dilemmas and the Jewish Response

Jewish Food For Thought teaches Jewish ethics through thought-provoking animated conversations between Hanan Harchol and his Israeli parents.

Hanan Harchol is a New York-based teacher, filmmaker, animator, artist, and classical guitarist. Harchol was born in Kibbutz Kinneret, Israel, and moved to the US at the age of two.

Harchol’s animations have been broadcast on television, shared in schools and synagogues, and featured at over 100 film festivals nationwide.

We’ll watch and discuss two of his thought-provoking and educational animated features:

(Theme: Forgiveness)

Why would you want to forgive someone who has wronged you? Is there any benefit to forgiving? Is there a “right” time to forgive? And what does religion have to do with it?


What is the relationship between charity and justice? In what ways do we all constantly benefit from others, and are we cognizant of what we receive from others? Do we have a responsibility towards other human beings? And how does human dignity fit into all of it?

We will discuss Jewish Food for Thought and enjoy delicious desserts.

Following our discussion, stay for a moving spiritual, reflective awe-inspiring services, which will open the gates to our High Holy Days season and our new beginnings.

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