“Sexy Scriptures:” How the Bible Deals with Sex and Mixed Dancing

Temple Beth Sholom Adult Education The Third Wednesday Lunch & Learn Series

Class taught by Rabbi Shelton Donnell


If our Hebrew Bible deals with real people in a real world, then it stands to reason that our familiar biblical personalities led real lives. Unlike the stories that you learned in Religious School, our scriptures contain many tales that are rated “R” — definitely not for children! In this four-session series we will take a look (sometimes blushing, sometimes laughing) at some of the more “interesting” texts from our biblical tradition. So, bring out your lunch, turn on the computer and enjoy some fun learning!

Session #1 December 16, 2020 (Noon)
Adam & Eve and All the Rest is History/Herstory
This is where it all began — sex, that is! What really went on in the Garden of Eden?

Session #2 January 20, 2021 (Noon)
That Ain’t No Lady, That’s My Sister!
Our patriarchs and matriarchs star in their own soap operas!

Session #3 February 17, 2021 (Noon)
The Real Dope on Esther
This is not the PG version of the well-known Purim story!

Session #4 March 17, 2021 (Noon)
Samson and Delilah Get Kinky
Delilah did much more than give Samson a haircut! How much more????




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