Shiva Minyan Leaders’ Resources

Shiva Minyan Service Outline

Page            Prayer

If able: Open with a Niggun

Introduce yourself: Good Evening, I’m ____ and I am a volunteer shiva minyan leader.  I will lead our service tonight on behalf of Temple Beth Sholom.

2                 Reading

3                 “I lift my eyes …”

4                 “Please rise as you are able”: Barechu (sing slowly)

4 or 5           Ma’ariv Aravim in Hebrew or English (read)

6                 Ahavat Olam in Hebrew or English (read or sing)

7                 Shema (sing)

8 or 9           V’ahavta (sing in Hebrew or English or read in Hebrew or English)

9                 “Hold on to what is good …” (read)

10                Mi Chamocha (best to sing – use any melody and sing slower)

11                “Cause us to lie down in peace” (read)

Amidah section (chant/read as listed below, pages 12-14, or have them read silently 12-22)

12                Adonai S’fatai and Avot v’Imahot (chant)

13                G’vurot (chant)

14                K’dushah (chant or read in Hebrew or read in English) – then read silently to p. 22

23                Shalom Rav (sing, returning from silent prayer)

– Open for sharing of memories and stories –

25                Aleinu (chant)

26-27           Eil Malei Rachamim (Chant/Read in Hebrew and/or English)

(Chanted: Man/Woman; Read: Man/Woman)

28                Kaddish Introduction

28                Kaddish (read in Hebrew)

Closing Song: Oseh Shalom