Sh’ma: Listen

Sh’ma: Listen, why do we Learn?
Thursday, July 1 at 7pm

What is the purpose of Jewish study? What does it mean to be a “literate Jew” in 2021? Come explore the reasons why it is a mitzvah to study and learn. Together, we will conceptualize modern Jewish literacy based in Jewish text and glean its relevance to our lives.

Taught by Johannah Sohn, TBS Director of Youth Education
Johannah Sohn has spent the entirety of her career working in the field of Jewish education; “it is my passion and I believe it is my calling,” she says. Johannah has had the opportunity to work with every age group from newborns to adults and loves helping to make Judaism come alive for everyone! She worked in many Jewish educational settings from religious schools, to camp, to Hillel and even a Jewish day school.

Johannah is a nationally recognized visionary and educational leader known for redefining elementary education through the conception of the Zebrack Design Lab (an innovative classroom environment based on Design Thinking principles). She has extensive experience in strategic planning, change management, curriculum development, and facilitation. As a flexible and adaptable professional with a proven history of working with diverse constituencies, her work includes coordinating, organizing, and inspiring both lay and professional leadership.

Committed to lifelong learning, Johannah has a master’s degree in education from American Jewish University, a doctorate in education from Northeastern University and is a proud alumna of the Day School Leadership Training Institute (DSLTI) at The Jewish Theological Seminary.

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