Social Action Committee Updates: March 2022

The Social Action Committee has been hard at work supporting our community as well as offering ways for our families to participate in Social Action.

Here are some great next steps from United to End Homelessness to help end homelessness in Orange County:

1) Sign and share our Petition to End Homelessness amongst your networks!
2) Attend our Advocacy classes- you can find upcoming classes here!
3) Help us secure 630 rental units to make sure we can end homelessness for hundreds of people! Send us photos of available units, spread the word about WelcomeHomeOC or recommend great property providers to us!

We hope many of you were able to hear guest Atty McClellan of United to End Homelessness in February. To recall, Atty works on monitoring housing opportunities for the many Orange County residents who find it challenging if not impossible to locate affordable housing for themselves and their families.

TBS has long supported students and families at Santiago Canyon College in keeping their food pantry filled. Prior to the covid shutdown, an SCC staff member came to TBS every Sunday at the end of Mitzvah to Meals to collect food items to restock the college food pantry. On our recent visit to the college, the members of the Social Action Team, including Marci, Cheryl, and Paula were able to present Giovanni, the Food Bank Director, with a generous amount of Albertson’s gift cards. Please continue to support Mitzvah of the Month every month. Thanks for your perseverance and generosity, Monica, as well as thanks to generous donors.

We are excited to have two booths at this year’s March 13th Purim Carnival. Eco Now is a zero-waste pop up shop that provides recycling information and eco-friendly products for sale. Bring your containers to their booth and take advantage of their low prices. Our second booth, Waste Management, will be providing current information on the new composting programs being implemented throughout Orange County. Stop by both booths and earn how to help us protect our environment.

Thank you for being a generous and giving community. If you are interested in joining us in our work, please contact Paula Pitluk. We meet the first Monday of the month at 7:00 p.m. via Zoom.

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