a project by Cantor David Reinwald

This year, I decided for a second time to count the Omer through song via social media (I’ve included a list of all previous selections below, but also find my ongoing chosen songs at: www.twitter.com/davidreinwald or by simply searching the hashtag #songoftheomer on Twitter).

The Omer is the traditional counting of the journey from Exodus (during Pesach) to the receiving of Torah (on Shavuot).  Though traditional observance dictates one should not rejoice in music over this period of 49 days (7 weeks), for me, music is an essential component of who I am and how I see the world.  Counting the Omer is about mindfulness, and for me, I find these moments constantly through music.  Thus, it is only fitting for me to count each day through a song that represents something I am thinking or experiencing that day.  I have not restricted myself to any specific type of genre or style — all music is equally worthy to be a part of this project.  I even encouraged a couple of colleagues to join me on this journey, and they too have been posting their own music.  And, even though we are more than 2/3rds of the way through the counting of the omer, if you too want to join in, please post a song a day until June 2nd, and tag it #songoftheomer!

If you are looking for an online calendar to guide you through the days of the Omer (and to keep you on the right number!), I recommend The Homer Calendar!

Here are the songs which have been a #songoftheomer thus far:

  1. Bombay Bicycle Club – Luna
  2. Rufus Wainwright – Across the Universe (Beatles cover)
  3. Barenaked Ladies – What a Good Boy (chosen for “Throwback Thursday”)
  4. Debussy – Claire de Lune (Classical guitar arrangement, Shabbat meditation)
  5. London Grammar – Hey Now
  6. Benny Goodman – Sing! Sing! Sing! (Inspired by my trip to Catalina Is.)
  7. Al Jolson – Avalon (a little more of the previous day’s theme)
  8. Michael Jackson – Earth Song (for Earth Day)
  9. Vampire Weekend – A-Punk
  10. Adele – Best for Last
  11. Chopin – Piano Concerto in E minor, No. 1, Mvt. 2 (for Shabbat)
  12. No Doubt – Sunday Morning (Homegrown OC music for Sat night/Sun. morning!)
  13. Cantor David Reinwald – Friling (Springtime) (Written 1943 – for Yom Hashoah)
  14. Kurt Gerron – Das Nachtgespenst (A hit for the Jewish cabaret artist, 1897-1944)
  15. John Cameron Mitchell (as Hedwig) – Origin of Love (Tony Nominations Day)
  16. Billy Joel – Piano Man
  17. Paul McCartney – Yesterday
  18. John Butler – Ocean (Shabbat – music to fill your soul)
  19. Cole Porter – Anything Goes (Cruise the Chai Seas fundraiser evening)
  20. John Williams – Theme from Star Wars (May the Fourth be with you)
  21. Chava Alberstein – Lu Yehi (by Naomi Shemer – Yom HaZikaron)
  22. Noa – Keren Or (Yom HaAtzmaut)
  23. Charles Osborne (composer) – Samachti b’omrim li (8 year cantorial anniversary!)
  24. Kaddisch (Ravel) – Two renditions: Cantor Azi Schwartz and Cecilia Bartoli (Halfway through the omer!)
  25. Cantus – Lullabye (by Billy Joel) (Shabbat)
  26. Audra McDonald as Billie Holiday – What a Little Moonlight Can Do
  27. Luciano Pavarotti – Mamma (Translation) – Mother’s Day
  28. Anúna – Ceann Dubh Dílis (Marking the day I left for Ireland last year)
  29. Rodrigo y Gabriela – The Soundmaker
  30. Pharrell Williams – Happy (Cousin Cole Reggae Mix)
  31. Breach the Summit (featuring TBS member Jacob Berger on guitar) – We All
  32. From our Reggae Shabbat – Matisyahu – Candle
  33. Rita and Rami – Esh (Lag BaOmer metaphorically singing about fire – translation)
  34. Sheva – Od Yavo Shalom (the original version!)
  35. First Aid Kit – My Silver Lining
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