Summer Shabbat Services at TBS

The weather is warm, the breeze is welcomed, and the sky is dancing with colors from yellow, to orange to reds.  With a summer night like this, who wants to be inside?

TBS summer services take place in the beautiful Sukkah plaza overlooking a large grassy knoll.  The evening begins with cheese, crackers, fruits, vegetables, and of course, delicious cookies.  What makes it even sweeter is the opportunity for friends and family to gather together and share in the week’s adventures.

Guitars and singing welcome everyone together for a special Shabbat service.  We, like those in Tzfat, look out toward the setting sun and welcome the Sabbath Queen, and we welcome one another as we immerse ourselves in a much needed day of rest and friendship.

Our summer Shabbat series under the stars is the perfect way to kick off your weekend.  We have everything from Barbeques to movies on the lawn. There is time to nosh and time to shmooze.

So put away the heels and the suits, don your favorite summer Shabbat outfit and join all your friends under the stars at TBS.

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