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“The Inspiration, the Being”

Elul, the month of reflection and preparation. At this time significant words pass through my thoughts. Words like repentance, reflection, introspection, spiritual stature come into my time of prayer, chanting, singing and even when I am driving on a beautiful sunny California day, windows down, sun roof back, with either the Beach Boys singing their […]

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Are You With Me?

I have often wondered how do we feel G’d’s presence in today’s modern urban society? When I am in the store looking for a particular item and there is exactly one of that item left on the shelf, was G-d responsible for my good fortune? When I long for a day free of obligations, and […]

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The Last Way

In June/July of this year, I fulfilled a life-long dream to travel to Eastern Europe, specifically to Poland, Lithuania and Belarus, the cradle of Jewish civilization and culture for centuries before World War II. My father was born in Vilnius, Lithuania (part of Poland before WW II). Part of purpose of the journey was one […]

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No Answers- Norman Rosen

Elul already—How did it get so near? Elul already—What became of the year? What happened during Eluls Past as Eluls passed? Why are seconds so slow but years so fast? What did I do? Did I do anything right? Did I do enough? Did I do anything? Are things better? Is there less bad? Am […]

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