TBS Adult Purim Shpiel



TBS Adult Purim Shpiel
Wednesday, March 23rd

7:00 pm “Kazoos & Interviews”
A Purim Debate
8:00 pm “Geeks Who Drink”
A Unique Trivia Competition

(see video above for an example of one round — while keeping in mind, every round is totally different from the next!)

No charge to attend event
Please bring your favorite Dairy potluck dish and optional alcoholic beverage

We’re looking for all types of geeks!

  • Movie geeks
  • Book geeks
  • Food geeks
  • Music geeks
  • And more!

Bring your own special trivia talents and compete for bragging rights!  Please RSVP below so we can have an accurate count and/or place you on a trivia team!

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