TBS Inspires

Inspire. Connect. Shalom.

We all have gifts we can bring to others during these challenging times.
Share an inspiring video (of a performance or something you would like to share), a work of art, a piece of writing, etc. with TBS!
Open to anyone of any age.
We will share your TBS Inspires gift online.
Upload your video or anything you would like to share here, or send a link to Cantor Reinwald. Questions? Please contact Cantor Reinwald at cantor@tbs-oc.org

Our resident star cellist, Jared Weissberg, shares with us his inspiring rendition of the Bach Suite No. 3 Prelude.

Evan Nowack is a budding filmmaker, and shares with us this inspiring short film.

Rachael Pollak made this video below for her Confirmation service. We were so moved by her heartfelt words and her talent as a filmmaker.


Adam Gonzalez plays the theme from Pirates of the Caribbean.