Tel Aviv Theatre- “Not By Bread Alone”

Even though it was already a long day, we had an exciting evening ahead of us. First was a performance at the Na’ laga’at theatre of “Not By Bread Alone” – a play by a group of deaf and blind performers. It was emotionally charged since we learned about their individual stories a well as watched them act out their dreams and fantasies, knowing how difficult it will be to make them reality.

The title comes from the fact on one hand that from the beginning to the end, the central thread is that the performers actually bake bread during the performance- from kneading the dough to letting it rest and making the loaves and baking it until we eat and share it with the performers at the end.

Additionally we learn through these vignettes that the performers desire not just to exist, but to live and experience life – I.e. not just to subsist on bread alone.

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