“The Inspiration, the Being”

Elul, the month of reflection and preparation. At this time significant words pass through my thoughts. Words like repentance, reflection, introspection, spiritual stature come into my time of prayer, chanting, singing and even when I am driving on a beautiful sunny California day, windows down, sun roof back, with either the Beach Boys singing their classics with the London Philharmonic Orchestra or the group America singing Ventura Highway. This year, this time for me is more than an evaluation of what was and what should be; it is a declaration. I have discovered that the declaration is that our existence is defined by clarifying moments we should experience openly, without reservation, as we continue the journey of life.

My inspiration for these thoughts comes from the poet Judith Viorst. My hope is that she would not take exception to the editing of the poem I share with you today. I want to believe that as a poet, she understands that my editing is meant to gain greater personal meaning that will launch more power into the words she has insightfully written for all of us.

“At Seventy” by Judith Voirst

Instead of “old”
Let us consider
Or something, anything,
That isn’t always dressed
In sensible shoes.
Seventy isn’t old.
Maybe eighty is old.
Maybe ninety is old,
But we needn’t decide that
Until we get there.
In the meantime
Let us consider
Drinking wine,
Laughing hard,
Caring hard,
And learning a new trick or two
As part of our job description of living,
At seventy.

Thank you, Judith. Through your words, you have empowered me to re-address myself in another word of reflection, freedom; freedom to be full of peace, the kind of peace where we find serenity in being. I have never been happier or more self assured as when the clock turned at midnight on June 12, 2019.

Ketivah vacha timah tovah,

Angela Holmes


2 Responses to “The Inspiration, the Being”

  1. Carol Black September 8, 2019 at 10:19 am #

    Thank you Angela for sharing the words of Judith.

  2. Susan Silberman September 8, 2019 at 11:41 am #

    Very nice! And so true!!