Threat to Law of Return for Converts to Judaism

There is currently a bill going before the Knesset that will threaten the Law of Return for those who Convert to Judaism.  For 62 years of Israel’s history, the Law of Return establishes that all Jews, whether born Jewish or who convert to Judaism, are permitted to acquire Israeli citizenship.  However, this new proposed bill could threaten that and effect many in our community.  Please read the following information from the URJ and take action.  Our voices must rise up together or they will be silenced by those who do not believe we are legitimate Jews.

The Israel Religious Action Center Reaction to the Rotem Bill

Please consider sending this letter or your own to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu:

The Honorable Benjamin Netanyahu
Prime Minister of Israel
Office of the Prime Minister
Jerusalem, Israel

Dear Prime Minister Netanyahu,

I write to request your immediate intervention to prevent passage of the legislation being brought forward by MK David Rotem.

Passage of this bill in its present form, especially section 3, will have the effect of altering the Law of Return or, at the least, cause undue hardship to anyone in Israel who has come from Diaspora communities and seeks conversion in Israel.

While the Reform movement is supportive of efforts to create greater accessibility to conversion courts in Israel and have done all we can to aid in this effort, the overall impact of the Rotem Bill will set back these efforts. Should this bill be enacted, it will exacerbate a widening gap between Diaspora and Israel communities, which we are all working very hard to avoid.

Therefore, I believe it is imperative that you, Israel’s leader, who cares so deeply about the well-being of our people, intervene and urge withdrawal of this bill.

Thank you so much,

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