TBS Torah Study

Saturdays at 9:15 am in-person and virtual on Zoom

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Torah study is an important part of daily living as it too lives as an eitz chayim, a Tree of Life. Torah is our history, our laws, and gives us a light through which we bring to life ancient teachings in our modern world. And what makes Torah study exciting is the interaction we have with fellow students.

TBS offers a weekly Torah study on Shabbat Mornings. We invite learners of all backgrounds to come and share their insights and learn more as we discuss the weekly Torah portion.

Our TBS Torah study group has even written their own Torah Commentaries, listed below. We invite you to read and learn with us.

Temple Beth Sholom Torah Study Handouts for Download

Be’reishit (2019; “Talking Snakes, Aliens and the Big Bang in Genesis.”)
Vayigash (2017; Led by Aleta Bryant & Mike Rubin)


Tzav (2020; ‘Speaking with God’) – Prepared and presented by Marc Goodman

Balak (2015-2016; D’var Torah by Mike Rubin)

Va’etchanan (2015; Led by Mike Rubin)
Eikev: What Does God Demand (require) of Us?
Ki Tetzei: Mitzvah Count

Temple Beth Sholom Torah Commentaries
Prepared by Lay Members of the Congregation

No one knows how much God said during the revelation at Mount Sinai. Some traditions hold that God uttered only the Ten Commandments; others that God recited the entire Torah. Regardless of which view is correct, the Jewish people have been expanding upon the original text for centuries, rediscovering that which was already revealed. But if the Torah is perfect, why should it need amplification, interpretation, or elaboration? One explanation is that some of the original, unifying connections of the Torah were broken, and interpretation through commentary or midrash restores those connections and helps us deduce hidden meanings. It is through this commentary that we anchor our present in the past. In fact, commentary has become the principal instrument of Jewish development.

We members of the Temple Beth Sholom Torah Study class are delighted to have the opportunity to help restore the connections by adding our commentaries to those of generations past. In addition to the below, you can browse postings from our blog which include commentaries on the weekly Parasha.