Tza’ar Ba’alei Chayim

To the homeless individual, their pet is their world, an extension of themselves. Their pet signifies what one thing is right amid the uncertainty of their daily lives. The bond is one of unconditional love. Pets offer affection and comfort to the homeless.
What can we do? Starting Sunday, February 9th through March 1st we can:

* Collect warm blankets, pet sweaters, toys, leashes and pet first-aid kits
* Collect dry and canned pet food( must be able to open without a can opener)
* Collect apples, carrots, cooked chicken and hard-boiled eggs
* Bake peanut butter biscuits to donate to shelters and donation sites
* Make a donation in the name of a person celebrating an event such as a birthday
* Make chew toys from towels or fabric
* Contact veterinary hospitals, cliinics, groomers, pet supply vendors, and trainers to ask for donations

Donations will be deliverd to two collection sites: Saddleback Animal Hospital and Pathways of Hope
If you would like to help with our pet drive, please contact Cindy Grossberg


Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

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