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For Sisterhood Shabbat (Jan. 22nd) – Please join us for the service on our Facebook page: facebook.com/tbsoc

If you are unable to physically attend services at Temple Beth Sholom, you can stay connected and view services from your home. You can also have family members from across the country or overseas share joyous occasions and lifecycle events. Temple Beth Sholom’s live video streaming of year-round Shabbat services is made possible because of donations from our viewers. If you would like to make a donation to support the ad-free broadcasting of High Holy Day services, please contribute via our donation page.

The Mishkan Tefilah prayerbook can be viewed online here.

If you’ve arrived before our streaming has begun, or if you experience issues during the service, you may need to refresh this page once our service has started.

You will find all of our services also on the TBS Facebook page (including our biweekly Havdalah service), and some of our livestreamed services are archived on our Youtube channel.

To view an list of previously recorded services, please see our TBS Video Archive. Videos usually appear in the archive a few days after the event. While we attempt to keep these complete, we may not be able to archive or record all services and events.

Please notify webmaster@tbsoc.com with technical questions or comments.

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