Whiskey Tasting

January 11, 2020 4:00-6:00 PM
Location: Matthew and Lori Griffin Home
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There might not be anything more uniquely American thanBourbon whiskey. American whiskey brands often celebrate ideal- ized values—independence, pragmatism, guts. Could there be any three better words to describe the Jewish people.

Did you know one of America’s oldest bourbon distilleries was founded by a Jewish immigrant?

Did you know that Jews in America redefined the brewing, distilling and sell- ing of alcoholic beverages in America including whiskey?

In this class we will taste some of the finest whiskies America has to offer and the impact that Jews had on this industry. We will cover the problems that Jews in Europe had with discrimination and assimilation, and how upon their arrival in Amer- ica, they were able to assimilate and have their ideas welcomed. And these ideas included whiskey distillation. Please join us on this journey between the connection of a mash of corn, barley, rye and wheat to Judaism. Either with an ice cube or served neat, together we’ll share the sweetness and past of the relationship between Judaism and Kentucky.

$36 per person. Limit 18 people.


This program is partially funded by a grant from the Albert and Rhonda Weissman Arts Endowment Fund, a joint program of the Jewish Community Foundation Orange County and Jewish Federation & Family Services of Orange County.


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