Zichron Ya’akov – Somek Winery

Another day of eating and enjoying some wines.

One of my missions this summer was to find unique wineries that would appeal to not only the pallet of our TBS travelers, but also to fulfill the opportunity for our TBS travelers to meet and speak with individuals throughout the country.

Our two main wineries, Na’aman, which we posted about yesterday, and Somek, in Zichron Ya’akov totally fit this profile. They are boutique wineries, meaning they only produce a small amount, about 10,000 bottles per year.

“Somek” means the kind of blush you get on your face after drinking wine. Great name for a winery.

Barak, the winemaker and his wife, who is from Australia, live in this small town, Zichron Ya’akov, one of the first Jewish villages in Israel – settled in the late 1800s. Barak is 5th generation Zichron Ya’akov resident, and his wife, from Australia, learned winemaking and brought her skills to Israel. Barak’s family has been in the grape business for the whole time they have been in Israel, learning their trade from none other than Barron Rothschild himself.

The family hand picks the grapes they want for their wine and then sends the remaining grapes to the larger winery, Carmel. It is on their property in the middle of the city that they crush, press and then store the wine.

Our group had the opportunity to taste 4 different wines, including a reserve from 2004. Absolutely fantastic – both the wine and personal company of the Somek family winery.

(Pictures to come later)
Rabbi Cohen

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